Overwritten (Unfinished)


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Overwritten is an Old School Minimalistic Open World FPS. Set in the year 2356, the game pits you against creatures which have evolved over hundreds of years under an accelerated evolution speed, thanks to human pollution and such and such, but you did read the first sentance yeah? This isn't a story concentric game. The game features a huge armada of weapons, fast paced gameplay, ludicrous movement speeds, along with a rather nice open world with tons of buildings to loot for ammo and special melee weapons (guns, etc. are not changable and only found through playing through the game, but there's enough of them that it doesn't really matter. Also, the melee weapons only have cosmetic changes).


Let me get something out of the way: the game does not feature side quests. It does have some stories for you to find if you go off path, but other then that, this game basically acts like a linear game, except it's actually an open world. You may (budget concerns, if not it'll probably be in a DLC* at some point) have a car which you can use to drive to your next objective, but you're not pressured into using it. You find autosave beacons which allow you to save your progress, as well as recover your vehicle if you lose it. The gunplay we hope to become highly enjoyable, and already in our prototypes the single weapon we currently have feels rather good. We haven't added enemies into the game yet, but in time we'll add some screenshots in and show you what they'll be like.

*DLC will be cheap, and always have a decent amount of gameplay included. Adding a car in would only be a small part of the DLC. We don't want to be anticonsumer now do we?


Overwritten is currently not ready even for a development alpha release. Expect a closed dev alpha sometime late 2017. That's not a final date, and keep in mind that's the closed alpha. The full game won't be out for a while, we can't estimate, and it's not definite yet. Please follow our Tumblr for consistant development updates, and also look at our Subreddit.


The game will cost $15-$20 USD. It should scale quite well to run on most graphics cards. With the game's earnings, we intend on purchasing a VR headset (by the time it's released, an HTC Vive probably won't be great at the time) and making a VR component of the game.

As far as graphics go, don't expect it to look groundbreaking. We're going for a very specific visual style which... well let's just say it's not the most realistic thing ever. Of course, it's not going to look bad, look at the screenshots, but the point is, graphics aren't the thing this game should be known for. Graphics settings, we've already got some MSAA, SSAO, AF, Bloom, and heaps more going on. Every effect will be configurable to a degree. The game is being made on the Unity engine, and we'll update the engine to significant versions as we develop it.

Oh yeah, and the framerate's unlocked, the fov is changable, and we're working on making the weapon view models scalable.


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