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The devlog is no longer updated here. You'll find more stuff on our subreddit, where we'll be doing most of our significant updates around Overwritten. We also have a dead Google Plus page for the sake of being a dead Google Plus page here!

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Early October 2016

We're in the progress of making the game launcher. This will allow you to change your graphics settings before you start the game. We've also added a resolution scaler. Still no enemies, if you have any rigged enemy models (no humans, insects etc.), feel free to send them in to [redacted]. Also, we've made a new, rather lengthy video below. A lot of it is the same as the last video, but it's avaliable in 60fps, so you'll be able to see the crosshair animations. Don't worry about the numbers at the top left, they're for testing performance and stuff. We've since removed the footstep sounds. All the albums you see in the VDPlayer will be avaliable to find in the full game. As you can see, we've also enhanced the settings menu, with more options and better aesthetics.

Early September 2016

Good news! Enemies and AI now exists. We don't know what the enemeies are going to look like or act like, but I'm going to try giant insects first. Also, I'm going to use this page more like a devlog than I have been, I might even move over to Game Jolt if we get enough popularity. In late August I made some crosshair animations, you can check them out in the gif below. You probably can't tell, but they revolve around 4 L shaped corners that all move into place. When you don't have a weapon out, they go into the square, when you do have a gun out, they go into a crosshair plus shape thing, when you look at a usable object, they expand, and when you zoom, they get smaller. Also, iron sights are gone now, but zoom has take on the right mouse button as opposed to the scrollwheel.

Mid August 2016. No enemies yet, coming soon.

Early August 2016. Animations just being pumped in.